Irvine’s dining scene is a tapestry of the familiar and unfamiliar, a wonderland for foodies who, by their very nature, embrace diverse culinary traditions.

For anybody who likes to dine out, restaurants are among the amenities that make the city one of the best places to live.

Irvine’s dining scene is hot, be it Chengdu hot pots or Nashville hot chicken. It’s cool, a springboard for new concepts. It embraces the traditional – a recipe might date back 1,000 years. It’s also of-the-moment: Indian burritos or soufflé pancakes, anyone?

Here are 31 global favorites.

Little Sister at Irvine Spectrum Center
The menu at Little Sister at Irvine Spectrum Center blends the flavors of Vietnam with European influences.


Little Sister

Irvine Spectrum Center

Powerhouse indie chef Tin Vuong pulls off his biggest Viet bistro yet with this chic location for spot-on faves, including an overstuffed Viet crepe, popular Shaky, Shaky Beef and a standout papaya salad. Look for his first-ever lunch offerings – gentle rice porridges and deluxe banh mi sandwiches streaming out of the open kitchen to a bustling dining room. The roomy bar pours spirit-forward cocktails well suited to spicy bites like crab dumplings or beef tartare. Vintage West Coast rap tracks and ace servers keep the vibe lively.


Parkview Center

Nam Tran’s grandmother opened her first restaurant four decades ago; today, the family has six.

Vietnamese musical instruments hang on the walls at PhoTasia.

The menu offers 16 noodle-soup versions and dozens of add-ons, but Tran puts first-timers at ease: “There is no wrong way to eat pho, he says, “and no wrong pho to eat. Start with the crispy egg rolls.

Global Cuisine Finds its Home

In Irvine, diners can experience the diverse flavors of the world …
no passport or airline travel required.


choices of international cuisine from restaurants serving food from the world. From delicious Turkish dinner kebab to Szechuan hot pot, the choices make Irvine a center for global dining


of Irvine restaurants offer international cuisine. Enjoy Japanese tonkotsu ramen at HiroNori, tableside Korean barbecue at Goo-Yi 9.2, or a feast of Brazilian fire-roasted rib-eye at Fogo de Chao.


restaurant choices are available throughout Irvine. No matter which village you live in, you’ll find chef-driven, one-of-a-kind restaurants just around the corner.




The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul connects Europe and Asia. Familyowned DonerG serves the dishes of the landmark juncture – Turkish cuisine with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences. Doner kebab from the vertical rotisserie stars in generous gyros, pita sandwiches and salads. The Istanbowl features the beef and chicken versions; the Original Fladenbrot, a house favorite, overflows with beef doner kebab, fries, spicy chile-garlic sauce and lots more on grilled soda bread.


Javier’s Cantina

Irvine Spectrum Center

Don’t let the term cantina fool you – Javier Sosa runs a hot spot worthy of the lushest Mayan Riviera resort.

Always bustling, the sprawling venue offers equal parts posh margaritas, luxury feasting and fascinating people-watching. Satisfying Mexican classics – Michoacán-style carnitas, zesty ceviche and Oaxacan chocolate ice cream – are made with top-notch ingredients. Tequila drinkers choose from one of the finest collections in California.


Los Olivos Marketplace

First-generation Mexican-American brothers, an entrepreneur and a “tacoteur, opened the first of their five O.C. hip and stylish locations in Irvine. Mexico City-inspired tacos layer blue-corn tortillas with crispy melted cheese and toppings such as filet mignon.

Starters include “crackling pork magic chicharrones; unforgettable guacamoles, one with pomegranate, another with Parmesan cheese; passionfruitmango shrimp ceviche; and creative margaritas. Little-known fact: Puesto makes its own tequila rosa.

Tacquiero Taco Patio

Campus Plaza, Oak Creek Shopping Center

One partner is from Tijuana, and the other was raised in O.C., and lived in Mexico for 10 years. Together, they serve Tijuana-inspired tacos shaped like cones – tacones? – that are among the county’s best. The marinated rotisserie al pastor taco is a favorite. Insider tip: “Request keto-style,” says co-founder Roberto Fierro. “The tacos use cheese tortillas.” Mulitas are two-tortilla quesadillas with melted cheese skirts on both sides. Don’t-miss salsa: macha with peanuts.



Orchard Hills Shopping Center

This beguiling offshoot of the legendary Zov’s in Tustin is the go-to cafe for elevated brunches and dinners of Mediterranean fare with a California accent. The luscious spiced lamb burger, mezze platter and housemade pastries are standouts. Check out the stunning new patio and bar for maximum alfresco magic, especially when live music is added. Owner Armen Karamardian (Chef Zov Karamardian’s son) notes that impromptu parties often occur when neighbors cross paths here.

Irvine Grill

Quail Hill Shopping Center

Locals know that sisters Mahta Aria and Ali Ayarad serve some of the finest Persian fare for miles. Their all-day menu brims with generously portioned appetizers, grilled kabobs, rices and stews.

Beef barg – charbroiled filet mignon skewers – is a top seller. Platters and preset family meals make it easy to entertain a crowd at home or on the restaurant’s roomy patio.

Maast Brings New Flair to Indian Flavors

Maast Indian Creative Kitchen opened two years ago as a 150-square-foot “cloud kitchen, set up for delivery meals only. Within six months, the family-run business had to find a larger, sit-down location to satisfy demand. We spoke with the Patel family – parents Rita and Nitin and children Karna and Kshama – at their restaurant in Alton Retail Center. Kshama explains …

You’re a family-run business?
Yes. My brother Karna went to culinary school, and my mother, Rita, learned to cook from her mother in Mumbai. Every order is handcrafted with love. My father, Nitin, and I work the front to make you feel welcomed and at home. Our recipes and flavors are humble and true – some recipes have been handed down for generations.

Describe your food.
We are an unconventional kind of Indian restaurant. Traditionally, Indian food is a family-style, sit-down-and-share kind of cuisine.

We wanted to make it approachable, individual and take-away friendly. We serve burritos (or kathi rolls, as Indians call them) and parathadillas, which are like quesadillas. We also have sandwiches with all the Indian fillings, and curry bowls.

What are some of your most popular dishes?
Tandoori burrito ($14), chicken tikka masala curry ($15), Makhani Mac & Cheese ($9) and Mumbai street-style Pav Bhaji ($9). Our tandoori grilled chicken sandwich ($12) was voted one of Orange County’s top 10 chicken sandwiches by O.C. Register readers.

What experience are you trying to create?
First off, the smells will entice you as you walk in, and the food will make you feel welcomed. The design is from a childhood memory of a street flower market in India where vendors sold flowers in cane baskets and you could grab a street bite while shopping. We have cane-basket chandeliers, hanging Indian carvings and floral artwork on the walls that my mom, niece and I drew. It reads: “Together is a beautiful place to be.

Maast Indian Creative Kitchen



Irvine Spectrum Center

What began as Rashad Moumneh’s food truck is today this cheerful kitchen counter turning out wholesome Lebanese street food with creative twists. Of course, there are top-notch falafel salads and wraps, halal beef kafta kabobs and a splendid chicken shawarma. But don’t overlook offbeat mashups with a high fun factor: crispy taquitos oozing with Lebanese cheese, Nashville hot chicken shawarma or vegan pita pocket sandwiches.


Goo-Yi 9.2

Northpark Plaza

Servers at elevated Korean destination Goo-Yi 9.2 cook tableside on elegant grills. “Grill and the number 9.2 are both goo-yi in Korean; native speakers call the restaurant goo-yi goo-yi, which also translates “barbecue barbecue. The prime boneless short rib is a top seller; the prized prime rib-eye cap is limited to five orders per day; adventurous eaters clamor for the three-cut beef-intestine combo. The shareable steamed-egg starter is a must.

Yup Dduk

Campus Plaza

Yup Dduk, whose name translates to “bizarrely spicy rice cake, promises Korea’s spiciest street food at locations worldwide. Heat from “extra mild to “challenge derives from ttangcho peppers; mild equates to the spiciest ramen at Asian markets. The signature dish comes with rice cake, fish cake, tiny sausages, cabbage and green onion topped with mozzarella cheese; add-ons include deep-fried Spam. You’ll find banana milk under the menu heading Calm Yourself.

Urban Seoul 2.0

Irvine Spectrum Center

Turns out the idea of a Korean-Mexican gastropub – presenting fermented foods “crafted from the Seoul with south-of-the-border flair – is nothing short of inspired.

Colorful Urban 3B, traditional bibimbap “our way, is only the start. Don’t miss the outsized flavors of the bulgogi tacos with gochujang aioli or the deeply satisfying chorizo kimchi fried rice skillet. Owner Charles Kim favors his pork-belly bun with cucumber kimchi, inspired by celebrity chef David Chang.


The executive chef at Habana is cool under pressure. “I crave the rush, says chef Jordan Borlaza. He comes from a family of professional chefs who instilled in him a love for food that is “warm and homey, with a sense of nostalgia and family.

“When you come to Habana, I’ll make you feel special, he says. “I’ll make you feel at home.”

What’s the Habana experience?
You’ll feel like you’re in old Cuba. It’s an escape from reality. Between the food, the music, the lighting and the ambiance, you’ll ask yourself, ‘Am I in Irvine or am I in Havana?’

What makes your cuisine stand out?
Our restaurant is a scratch kitchen. We make all of our own sauces and everything in-house. We receive all of our fresh produce, proteins and everything, and our prep cooks get here at 2 a.m. to make everything from scratch. Even things like mayonnaise, which most restaurants buy, we make by hand.

Most popular item on the menu?
Our No. 1 dish is the Ropa Vieja. It’s one of those comfort dishes you never get tired of eating. The beef is cooked for hours, then shredded and cooked again with onions, peppers, tomatoes and spices. The flavors just melt together. It’s served over buttered white rice with our sofrito black beans and sweet plantains.

What sandwich do you recommend?
Our Media Noche. It’s smoked ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, pickles and, the best part, our slowroasted pork. You put all that on a sweet roll, butter the top, put it in a panini press to let it slowly cook, toast and melt. Then enjoy it with fries and our homemade banana-habanero ketchup.

Describe your team.
I have a team of 27 people that includes sous chefs, line cooks, prep cooks, a pastry team and a team to make our empanadas from scratch.

How do you inspire them?
I make them a family meal every day, usually a stew or tacos or pasta with garlic bread – so they feel appreciated and loved. It just brings everyone together, and it gives you time to talk and see how everyone is doing.

Chef Jordan Borlaza


O Fine Japanese Cuisine

Quail Hill Shopping Center

Cobalt blue backlights the sleek white-on-white surroundings at this polished destination for deluxe sushi and exquisite sashimi. Catch of the day is a long list of high-grade seafood, much of it just in from Japan’s famous Toyosu Market.

Regulars praise pristine chirashi bowls, the signature O Roll and the sublime omakase. Entrees from the kitchen include melt-in-your-mouth prime short rib, A5 wagyu steak and wild-caught Chilean seabass. Late summer is perfect to try the scallops with peaches and plum sauce.

HiroNori Craft Ramen

Sand Canyon Plaza

Old-school recipes, new-school vibe … Hiro Igarashi and Nori Akasaka offer three ramens, two of them with chashu pork – tonkotsu, in a rich pork-bone broth boiled 24 hours, and shoyu, using imported soy sauce barreled two years – and O.C.’s best vegan ramen, whose broth blends six imported misos. Start with the eye-catching crispy rice with spicy tuna. Five years after HiroNori started in Irvine, its fast-casual 10th location brings it full circle.


Angelina’s Pizzeria Napoletana

Los Olivos Marketplace

Fans rave over the “incredible, perfect thin crust on the wood-fired pizzas you’ll see on almost every table at this chic choice for authentic Southern Italian fare. Sip a classic Negroni as your pizza bubbles in the 800-degree oven – the Diavola with spicy salami from Naples is a top seller. Savory polpette meatballs are discounted at midweek happy hour, a good time to beat the crowd at the handsome bar. For dessert – the fluffy tiramisu is always trending.

Cucina Enoteca

Irvine Spectrum Center

Stately olive trees and a chic pergola lure diners to this summer-vibe hot spot for from-scratch Neapolitan-style pizzas plus praiseworthy Italian eats like the beloved fried squash blossoms, roasted branzino and a soulful bucatini amatriciana.

Happy hour nibbles are ideal for sharing over jazzy cocktails and affordable wines.


Chef Zov Karamardian launched her first Zov’s Bistro in Tustin, in 1987. She has been named California’s Chef of the Year (2004) and Restaurateur of the Year (2014-15), written two cookbooks and cooked with chefs Julia Child and Emeril Lagasse.

You were friends with Julia Child?
At age 19, I was mesmerized by her cooking show ‘The French Chef.’ When Julia started her cookbook tour, I went and watched her cook live, and it was just an amazing time. Years later, we met and became dear friends – something I will cherish the rest of my life.

What’s your ideal meal?
Feta cheese, fresh mint, tomatoes, cucumbers and olives, all in a bundle. As a mezze plate. Maybe on pita bread. To me, that’s the ultimate.

Any tips for the home chefs out there?
Food is supposed to make you feel good, so keep it simple and cook what you like. You will make mistakes – that’s OK. Enjoy the process. Find recipes in your skill range and comfort level, and follow them. Most importantly, have fun!

Any future plans?
My goal was to retire at 50, but retirement is hard when you’re doing what you love.

Zov Karamardian


Maast Indian Creative Kitchen

Alton Retail Center

Indian-flatbread quesadillas, chutney-topped tots … Comfortfusion dishes rule at Maast, but many, notably the curry bowls, are traditional. “Maast Indian translates to good Indian, says Kshama Patel, whose family owns and operates the 2-year-old spot. The O.C. Register agrees: Its top 10 sandwiches in 2021 included Maast’s tandoori chicken sandwich. Patel and her mother, chef Rita, hand-painted the wall that says, “Together is a beautiful place to be.

Curry Up Now

Irvine Spectrum Center

Indian street foods such as the Vada Pav fritter sandwich are the calling card, but culinary mashups such as tikka masala burritos are the specialty. Tacos top the Street Snacks; the Naughty Naan – think Indian pizza – and Sexy Fries, a sweet-potato poutine, also blur culinary lines. Choose your bowl by regimen: Keto, Paleo or Peace‑Love‑Vegan. Carnivore?

Head straight for the Meat Sweats thali platter. An exuberant Indian street-art mural sets the mood



Culver Plaza

Casual, bright and cheerful, this build-your-own poke counter earns raves for uncommon options like kale noodles, Spam musubi and the elusive-but-beloved Dole Whip soft serve. Start with cubed fresh ahi, salmon, tofu or sesame chicken.

Servers assemble your bowl, burrito or salad as you choose mix-ins, toppings and pick from eight signature sauces. Look for weekly special combinations.

Da Lu’au

Cypress Village Shopping Center

Build a Hawaiian-grill platter – “just like da kind on the Island!” – around chicken katsu, spicy kalbi or other tasty options and two sides such as Asian coleslaw and Poto Mac Salad. Or go straight to a combo special: No Ka Oi (The Best) – brings barbecued chicken, grilled salmon and coconut shrimp. Oxtail soup is an excellent alternative.

Start with fried dumplings. Enjoy it all amid tasteful island decor.



The Market Place

Pandor combines an artisan bakery, café and then some. Enjoy oh-so-French fare such as a breakfast Croque Madame or anytime-of-day Croque Monsieur tartine beneath wall art of farmhands gathering hay in the countryside. Crepes can be savory (smoked salmon) or sweet (French Kiss); there’s an array of coffee drinks and a gelato bar. The bakery presents alluring pastries and five kinds of baguette; its butter-generous croissant is one of O.C.’s best.



Irvine Spectrum Center

One of the county’s few Cuban culinary destinations, this sprawling 300-seat compound seductively echoes Cuba’s frozen-in-time island splendor. A roomy patio open to the sky is made intimate by high walls and a cool soundtrack. On the menu, classics include exemplary empanadas and pork croquetas.

Skirt steak and pork osso bucco are savory, plentiful entrees. Drop by the bakery counter (try the guava croissant) and coffee bar if you need a fast morning jolt.

A World of Sweet Spots

Culinary traditions around the globe have a love of sweets.
Here are some of our favorites.

Frost Gelato

Irvine Spectrum Center

Creamy gelato and vibrant sorbet sold by the cup or blended into a shake. Created by gelato master Nazario Melchionda, of Bologna, Italy. Perfect after a movie next door.


The Square

Modern global bakehouse with old-school skills turns out legendary malasadas, ensaymadas, custard tarts and more until sold out daily. Excellent horchatas, too.


The Market Place

Luscious cakes, glossy tarts and freshly baked cookies are the dessert stars at this casual French cafe, but don’t overlook that bananas Foster crepe.


Campus Plaza

Famous for exquisite all-natural Persian ice cream, churned in-house from family recipes since 1980. Enjoy by the cup, cone or sandwich.


Alton Marketplace

Famous for exquisite all-natural Persian ice cream, churned in-house from family recipes since 1980. Enjoy by the cup, cone or sandwich.


Irvine Spectrum Center

Colorful Korean soft serve in adorable taiyaki waffle cones – you choose the flavor, filling and toppings. Don’t miss the ube-matcha swirl.


Capital Seafood

Irvine Spectrum Center

Fans adore the sleek, chic backdrop and oceans of options here, complete with a dining room ideal for large parties. Peking duck is a top seller, but look for honey walnut shrimp that Yelpers rave is “addicting. Insiders know the bar is a speedy shortcut for couples heading to a movie. Dim sum admirers appreciate the vast selection offered daily.

Meizhou Dongpo

Culver Plaza

The elegant surroundings at Meizhou Dongpo belie its bold and fiery Sichuan cuisine, served exactly as it is at the restaurant’s many locations in China. Many consider the Beijing-style roast duck and its elaborate fixings to be Southern California’s best. Other showstoppers include the fivealarm- fiery Chinese Royal Hot Pot, served in a vessel fit for royalty, and the spectacular sweet-and-sour tilapia, painstakingly sculpted into the shape of a pine cone.

Nice to Meet You Skewer Hot Pot

Culver Plaza

The sheer variety of usual and highly unusual ingredients at this attractive new spot makes every visit an adventure. The Chengdu hot-pot-style chuan chuan translates to “fragrant skewers – skewers of meats and vegetables cooked in boiling broth at your table. Choose two broths, from mild tomato to blistering spicy beef; choose your skewers and self-serve toppings and sauces. What can we say but “Nice to meet you, skewer hot pot!


Fogo de Chao

Irvine Spectrum Center

Massive, soaring doors welcome lovers of fire-roasted meats into this sultry Brazilian steakhouse for sophisticated churrasco feasts.

Expect continuous offerings of 18 different grilled meats carved tableside at your pace. Sirloin cap, pork ribs and rib-eye are big favorites, but definitely leave room for trips to abundant feijoada (side dish) buffet for salads, soups, cured meats and seasonal vegetables. Pro tip: Consider weekday small plates at happy hour on the inviting patio.

Texas de Brazil

The Market Place

Gaucho-style grilled meats with a lot of Texas swagger attract serious carnivores and keto fans to this spirited, all-you-can-eat Brazilian barbecue spot. Endless servings of flank steak, lamb chops, pork loin, filet and more earn raves, while veggie-lovers fill up on a buffet of 38 salads, cheese bread and surprise, surprise – the mega-popular lobster bisque. And to drink? A caipirinha, of course – it’s Brazil’s national cocktail, made with cachaca, a rum-like spirit from sugar cane.

From Food Network Star to Irvine RESTAURATEUR

You may have seen Chef Paul Cao (and his famous Spaghetti Grilled Cheese) on TV. Cao, the owner of Burnt Crumbs at Los Olivos Marketplace, has appeared on Food Network’s “Chopped, Cooking Channel’s “Eat St. and “Junk Food Flip, and Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food. We asked the UCLA graduate why he became a chef in Irvine.

What do you consider your greatest strengths as a chef?
I’m fastidious about details, maybe a little too much. I’m a problem- solver by nature and can get obsessed with finding solutions. That comes in handy working in a fast-paced environment like a restaurant, where challenges arise daily, especially the last few years.

Why do you think your Spaghetti Grilled Cheese became, and remains, such a big hit?
Both spaghetti and grilled cheese separately are classic American comfort foods, and I think it’s a double whammy of nostalgic flavors that have universal appeal. It’s also something I came up with in college to feed my roommates on a budget. I never thought it would lead to a restaurant and become a popular signature item on our menu more than a decade later.

Why did you open your restaurant in Irvine?
I grew up in Irvine and went to Irvine High (class of 1997) and still live here. It’s no secret that Irvine is a great place to raise kids, and we love it here. The rest of my family also lives nearby – and family is everything to me. One reason we opened a restaurant here in Irvine was to be able to feed and see our friends and family more often, given the time constraints of running a restaurant. Plus, it’s pretty cool to see everything come full circle.

How would you sum up your many TV appearances?
It’s been an incredible ride, and I still can’t believe we’ve been featured on all those Food Network shows and that I won ‘Chopped.’ It still feels surreal, but it’s a source of pride, for sure, especially now that I’m a father of two boys. It’s definitely not something I ever strived to do, but I felt it was important to step outside of my comfort zone to do things that challenged me as a chef and as a person. It’s all about growth.

Paul Cao


Burnt Crumbs

Los Olivos Marketplace

Burnt Crumbs motored to fame as a food truck then settled in as a beacon for creative, handcrafted, mouthwatering gourmet sandwiches such as the crispy spicy pork belly and Nashville hot chicken. Owner-chef Paul Cao’s Spaghetti Grilled Cheese has always gotten attention, but the spotlight of late has been on his famously fluffy, iggly-jiggly, downright heavenly soufflé pancakes. Cao won the Food Network reality cooking show “Chopped in 2020.

The Cut

Westpark Plaza

Five years ago, Steve Kim’s food truck morphed to a brick-andmortar go-to for “intricately simple wagyu brisket-chuck burgers. The Grand Cut, with braised roast pork, bacon jam and Comté-havarti fondue, lives up to its name; the Cut – new and meat-centric, with 60-day-dryaged, ground-in-house prime rib-eye and 2-year-aged white cheddar – is arguably grander: “That’s a pinnacle burger, Kim says. Hot tip: Add bone marrow to any burger. Finish with the corn-cookie ice cream sandwich

Paul Martin’s American Grill

Irvine Spectrum Center

Modern takes on classic American fare make this an MVP for all-day dining, be it lunch, brunch, dinner or even a sterling daily happy hour. Look for soulful beef short rib, sassy fried chicken, and the fabled butter cake, sizzling in a mini iron skillet. Seasonal cocktails keep the bar buzzing, while dark woods and golden lighting lend a clubby vibe to the dining room.

Sessions West Coast Deli

Woodbridge Village Center

Founded by local surfers, this lakeview stop works for fat breakfast burritos, signature sandwiches and vibrant salads that fuel busy days. All with housemade sauces and fresh bakery breads plus gluten-free and keto options. Don’t overlook the avocado toast with a cult following, or the Summer Zephyr, voted Sandwich of the Year by the O.C. Register. The peaceful patio out back beckons for family chow or lingering over cold brews or craft beers.

Italian Tradition Meets California Expression

When Cucina Enoteca opened in Irvine Spectrum Center in 2012, it was transformative, delivering a different flavor and experience – from its cuisine to its decor to its in-house wine shop. (Cucina means “kitchen, and enoteca means “wine shop.) Owner Tracy Borkum describes her vision.

Why did you choose Spectrum Center?
I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d open outside of an urban setting, but when the opportunity was brought to me in 2012, I realized that Irvine Company was on the cutting edge of transforming shopping and retail into a destination experience. Back then, bringing in a street-facing restaurant such as Cucina delivered a different flavor and experience to the Spectrum. They took a risk on me, and I will be forever grateful.

Your restaurant includes a wine shop?
Yes. This allows guests to hand-select wines at a retail price, either to enjoy with their meal for a minimal corkage fee, or for purchase to go. The wine list is composed of many familiar labels as well as rare and small-batch gems, with an emphasis on Italian and California varietals.

Why did you choose to do this?
We have certified sommeliers that are a wonderful resource to our guests. Enjoy a bottle with a meal at Cucina and pay far less for a bottle of wine with us versus any other restaurant. Our program offers artisan wines from small-batch wineries to allocated finds that are extremely difficult to come by. Elevate your wine knowledge by trying something new and different to take home and add to your own cellar.

How would you describe your cuisine?
We offer contemporary California Italian cuisine, combining flavors of Italy with the organic freshness of Southern California. Our menu is a mix of shareable plates of house-made pastas, innovative pizzas, cleverly crafted seafood and meat preparations, an elevated selection of antipasti, and sweets.

What’s popular?
Our fried squash blossoms with lemon aioli and salsa verde; and our short rib pappardelle with housemade pasta, cremini mushroom, carrot and Parmesan. Both items have been on our menu from day one and are huge customer favorites.

Modern takes on classic American fare make this an MVP for all-day dining.

See Paul Martin’s American Kitchen