Exciting New Flavors Come to Irvine

Attention all foodies and people looking to shake up dinner plans: New and innovative restaurants are coming to Irvine in October! Check out these exciting spots:

Tandoori Pizza, opening at Crescent Village Apartments, features Indian-Italian fusion that will have you ordering an extra pizza rather than fighting over the last slice. Pizza parties and watching the big game will never be the same after one bite of its delicious creations. You can stick to the classics like pepperoni and Hawaiian, or grab a chicken tikka or chili paneer pizza for a flavor explosion. You won’t regret adding an order of the Signature TP Wings to go with your pizza choice. 

The build-your-own Mediterranean bowl restaurant, CAVA, is coming to Woodbury Town Center. This spot is perfect for picking up lunch with coworkers, picnics in the park or a quick dinner with the family. Whether you’re looking for plant-based options or to pack some extra protein, CAVA takes the stress out of healthy eating without compromising flavor. We recommend the Crazy Feta and Harissa Honey Chicken for a flavor combination that is out of this world. 

As the weather starts to cool, there is no better time to tuck into a warm, gooey cookie. Chip Cookies brings exciting twists to classic flavors the whole family will love at Crossroads. Pick up delicious chocolate chip cookies or specialty weekly flavors from its storefront for an after-school snack or as a perfect dessert for any date night. If you can’t get out of the house, Chip Cookies delivers. They are so good you might want to hide them on the top shelf so you don’t have to share.

The famous Thai-style chicken rice restaurant Rooster & Rice is finally coming to Southern California. This Bay Area staple, specializing in Khao Man Gai, has been a beloved spot for traditional, healthy meals since its first location opened in 2015. Stop by the Alton Retail Center this fall and experience the simple, clean flavors that make Rooster & Rice unforgettable.