Get Ready for Spooky Fun at Woodbridge Village Center’s Boo Fest!

Are you ready for some spooky fun this fall? Woodbridge Village Center is hosting Boo Fest,  a spook-tacular Halloween event perfect for families, on Tuesday, Oct. 31 from 4 to 6 p.m. Here’s what’s in store:

Your little ones can test their luck at the Halloween spin-to-win prize wheel. Will they get a pumpkin filled with treats or a witch’s cauldron with mysterious potions? It’s all about the thrill of the spin! They can also explore a spooky trick-or-treat adventure route.

Groovy Halloween Tunes will give kids a chance to show off their moves and have a blast, and they can unleash their creativity at the spooky crafts table. There are plenty of options, and it’s an excellent opportunity for them to make new friends – maybe even some friendly warlocks and vampires! 

Boo Fest at Woodbridge Village Center promises a memorable Halloween experience that goes beyond trick-or-treating. It’s all about enjoying the spooky holiday in a friendly and exciting atmosphere. Take advantage of the fun this fall, and remember to dress up in your best costume.