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Master planning for Irvine’s innovation economy

The City of Irvine and Irvine Company have partnered on a master plan to create new communities just steps from job centers and world-class hospitals. Each community is designed to be affordable for Irvine’s young professionals, recent graduates and essential workers, and are all about a 5-minute walk from major employment hubs. On March 14, 2023 the Irvine City Council unanimously approved this plan.

Irvine Voices

Hoag is expanding our Irvine campus to enhance access to comprehensive, world-class healthcare. We need this type of housing to retain the top talent needed to fulfill this vision. This is especially true for exceptional nurses that would benefit from living in the community they care for.

Robert Braithwait, President & CEO Hoag Memorial Hospital

Our goal is to make the world-class healthcare offered at UCI Health easily available to everyone in Orange County. We need our community’s help to achieve this goal and support our growing workforce. This level of planning from the City and Irvine Company would be a major benefit to our organization and people.


“I can’t think of a better location to place a new residential community. Our ice cream shop and the restaurants that surround us will gain a whole new base of customers to add to our already vibrant supporters. We’re looking forward to this new plan.”

John Wolikow, Handel’s Ice Cream, The Market Place

“I have been impressed with the stewardship that the Irvine Company, in partnership with the City of Irvine, has engaged in mindful growth for the City. The plans look toward keeping our villages uniquely well planned and fostering a positive environment for our kids and working families. ”

Mike Nystrom, Irvine Resident

The Plan

On March 14, the City of Irvine unanimously approved a master plan with Irvine Company to locate future homes in job centers affordable to Irvine’s workforce. Here are the key elements of the plan:

Uphold local control, city plans and public processes

  • The plan establishes high standards of quality and ensures each will go through the city’s public review process.

Locate homes near Irvine’s thriving job and economic centers

  • Communities are planned to meet the needs of employees and local businesses.
  • Sites include vacant areas in the Irvine Spectrum District and one building at The Market Place.
  • On average, each community will be about a 5-minute walk to job centers.
  • The plan preserves established village character and avoids open spaces.

Keep Irvine’s workforce local

  • At least 20% of new communities will be reserved for recent grads, young professionals, essential workers, nurses and similar income levels, exceeding current city requirements.
  • The plan also includes the dedication of a 4.6-acre site for additional affordable opportunities, specifically for households earning between $40,000 and $80,000 annually.

Fund community priorities

  • The plan includes approximately $60 million in funding for local priorities, like mobility improvements and public safety.


As part of the plan, the City and Company identified locations that place homes, on average, a 5-minute walk to major job centers. They include vacant sites in Irvine Spectrum District and one underutilized building at The Market Place. Select a site below to learn about its unique characteristics.

Technology Drive at<br>Irvine Spectrum Center
Discovery Park at<br>Irvine Spectrum Center
Los Olivos at Irvine Spectrum Center
Lots 103 & 106 at<br>Irvine Spectrum Center
Irvine Spectrum Center
The Market Place Master Plan

Community Engagement

Through our engagement with the community, dozens of Irvine residents, employers, small businesses and nonprofits have expressed their support for this master planned approach. Their feedback has affirmed the direction to plan future housing near jobs, especially for Irvine’s workforce. Join this list by signing up below.

Large Employers, Innovators & Local Merchants

Chambers of Commerce & Nonprofits

Support Homes Near Jobs

Join Irvine employers and community leaders in supporting this master plan to bring more affordable homes near jobs for recent grads, tech workers, nurses and essential workers.

Irvine Voices

“Living next to jobs and reducing commute times is very important to our staff, especially with high-quality communities like those in the Spectrum area.”

mallik motouri, chief business officer, syntiant

“More affordable housing near the office would be a game-changer.”

John Hamilton, Vice President, Quality & Strategic Initiatives, local medical company

“When our kids move back to Irvine for their jobs, they often struggle to find places to live. We believe the Irvine Company’s proposed master planning provides a good solution.”

Tim Cheng, irvine resident

“Having lived in the City of Irvine since 1971, I have always been interested in the growth of our community. I believe this MOU between Irvine Company and the City of Irvine will provide for many families in varied income ranges to find a home in Irvine.”

Sharon Ellis, Irvine Resident

“This proposal turns a complex challenge into an opportunity to add value to our city. The holistic nature of our city’s planning enables such opportunity for thoughtful response to the housing crisis and other evolving needs.”

Virginia WebbER, Irvine Resident

“I grew up in north Irvine, went to Northwood High School, and have worked in Irvine for over 4 years. What makes me excited about these developments is that it will provide opportunities to recent graduates who are looking to get into the workforce to live near where they work and where they shop.”

Alex Garber

“As a resident of Irvine for nearly two decades, this planning will greatly benefit the community. The need for additional housing units is imperative. It will allow local business to generate more income and additional tax dollars for the community in order to maintain the level of excellence Irvine has been known to provide its residents.”

Peter Au, irvine resident

“I believe this will be a tremendous win/win for both current and future residents of Irvine. Having affordable housing in this wonderful city will be a great benefit.”

Joseph L. Joseph, Executive Director, Filipino American Chamber of Commerce

“Orange County needs more affordable housing to retain talent in the county. This initiative is welcome and will help us keep our staff in Irvine while also making it easier to attract prospective new hires.”

Reynolds Bish, CEO, Kofax