Completing the Village of Los Olivos

The Village of Los Olivos, which includes the Barcelona neighborhood, has become a live-work-play destination with a balance of homes, open space, the Los Olivos Marketplace and nearby job centers, including Irvine Spectrum District. Today, Irvine Company is pursuing the village’s completion, consistent with city housing goals and priorities. 

New single-family homes: A new collection of single-family, for-sale homes is planned across the San Diego Creek Trail, off Alfonso. Current plans call for approximately 85 detached homes, trail connections and homeowner recreation amenities.

Promenade Apartment Community: The Promenade Apartment Community will be completed with approximately 585 new apartment homes on the 10-acre site adjacent to Los Olivos Community Park. This site is contemplated as a part of a comprehensive planning process between the city and Irvine Company to create housing designed for young professionals near job centers. 

Marco Polo Children’s School: Additionally, a new children’s school, operated by Marco Polo, is being built across from Los Olivos Community Park. It is anticipated that the school will be open in fall 2024. 

Questions and Answers

As part of our planning, we held a presentation for the Barcelona neighborhood on Sept. 18 to present plans, answer questions and listen to feedback. The presentation shared may be viewed by clicking here. Many of the topics we heard are listed below, and we look forward to continuing our dialogue with the Barcelona community.

What is the city’s zoning for the two properties? 

These two sites have been zoned as residential as part of the overall master planning of Los Olivos Village, which was approved in the mid-2000s.

Wasn’t a school planned for this area?

As part of master planning in the area, a potential school site was reserved for the Irvine Unified School District adjacent to the Los Olivos Community Park. After the District studied both current and projected student populations, it determined that there is not a sufficient projected student population to support a new school at this site.

How will the new Promenade building interface with Barcelona? 

The plan includes extensive setbacks and height restrictions near the Barcelona community.  The building will be set back 135-190 feet from the Barcelona property line. In addition, the building height along Gitano is 15 feet lower than other Promenade buildings. Enhanced landscaping and sidewalk-adjacent courtyards add to the walkable setting. 

Who is the target audience for the new Promenade building and are there affordable housing requirements?

Our planning focus in the Irvine Spectrum District, which includes the Village of Los Olivos, is to create high quality housing near high quality jobs. This allows residents to live near work and the local shopping and dining options that exist here already. Consistent with city requirements, 85% of the new apartment homes will be leased at market rate, while 5% will be reserved for residents making about $60,000 per year, and 10% will be reserved for middle-income households earning between $80,000-$120,000 per year. 

Will a traffic study be completed? 

Yes. A full traffic study will be conducted and made available for public review.

What is the next step in the city’s review process? 

The city will conduct a public review process, with public meetings anticipated in spring 2024.

The Village of Los Olivos at Irvine Spectrum

Los Olivos map