Marble Steakhouse is a cut above the rest

Marble Steakhouse and Grill at Woodbury Town Center takes its name from the marbling that flavors steak.

It is a splendid procession. Beef tartare, presented with a flourish, finished at the table. Onion soup, bursting with flavor. Chateaubriand, filet mignon roast served tall, perfectly cooked. Crème brulee, elegant inside and out.

You can expect fine dining at the new Marble Steakhouse and Grill – an American steakhouse with the focus on meat. The restaurant’s name refers to the marbled streaks of fat that contribute to the best cuts’ luxurious flavor and texture.

The best cuts at Marble translate to the chateaubriand, a USDA prime porterhouse for two and, most marbled of all, coveted Japanese A5 Wagyu New York strip steaks.

Luxurious add-ons include twin lobster tails.

Owner-chef Andrew Kim’s newest offering, at Woodbury Town Center, is one of five restaurants he owns in Irvine. His GooYi 9.2 at Northpark Plaza offers high-end Korean barbecue.

Kim serves Korean barbecue at Marble, too, in a dedicated room at the rear of the restaurant and on the patio.

Prime short rib tomahawk is his Korean barbecue signature cut, but his modest cold noodle appetizer is also gaining renown. “Many Koreans who have come in tell me ‘Your cold noodle is the best in the United States,’ ” Kim reports.

And there is a third focus: pasta. Marble specialties include lobster cioppino spaghetti and carbonara.

“Many foods, many cultures,” Kim says.

All of them top notch.