New Homes Currently Available

Homebuyers in North Irvine currently have several new neighborhoods to explore, including: The Reserve at Orchard HillsThe Groves at Orchard HillsPortola Springs and Eastwood Village. All these communities feature single-family homes in a range of sizes and floor plans from 1,182 to over 3,000 square feet. You can tour these communities virtually, sign up for a specific interest list, or contact the sales team for an in-person tour at

What is being built?
Consistent with the approved Master Plan for North Irvine, this final neighborhood of Orchard Hills will feature luxury single family homes, detached homes that will be, on average, 3,000-4,000 square feet. The unique feature of this community will be its terraced streets, providing lots with views across the city and to the Pacific Ocean.

What is the timing?
Construction began in early December 2021. First homes will likely become available in early 2024.

How can I receive information on future homebuying opportunities?
You can sign up for more information on this website. Additional new-home opportunities can also be found at

What can current residents expect during construction?
Construction activities will largely be contained to the site and will be managed in accordance with the plan approved by the city of Irvine and regulated by regional agencies. Activities will generally include site preparation, grading, infrastructure (road, water, sewer, etc.) work and home construction.

Neighborhood 4 and avocado groves
As part of the long-term master-planning for the area, residents of North Irvine will notice changes to the avocado grove that currently occupies portions of the Neighborhood 4 site. Residents may also notice the planting of new trees in the area in the coming months.

Here’s what’s happening:
As part of the Neighborhood 4 construction, crews are currently removing this grove. This particular grove has been underproductive for more than a decade and does not have long-term viability. These new avocado trees will maintain and enhance the area’s agricultural and aesthetic charm.

Irvine Company remains committed to sustainable farming and planning in North Irvine. And in the next one to two years, almost 10,000 new avocado trees will be planted in more viable areas in the area. Additionally, about 3,000 new trees will be planted as part of this new Orchard Hills neighborhood. Overall, there will be an increase of trees within the city as part of this process.

North Irvine avocado tree facts

  • Total trees: about 85,000 (2021)
  • Type of avocados: Hass
  • Production: approximately 100-140 avocados per tree, annually 
  • Sustainability: recycled water, organic treatment, weed control by hand
  • Fun Fact: Irvine’s avocado groves are among the most productive in the nation.