A Blueprint for a Green City

Irvine is one of America’s healthiest cities, according to repeated rankings by analysts including Anthem Foundation and WalletHub — and an obvious reason lies outdoors. 

Irvine’s Master Plan created one of America’s greenest cities, with more than 270 parks and convenient access to tens of thousands of acres of preserved open space, provided with more than 360 miles of well-maintained hiking and biking trails. 

The Trust for Public Land has repeatedly ranked Irvine among America’s top 10 cities for parks, in consideration of factors such as access, acreage and amenities. 

Irvine Company has been dedicating land to public agencies for permanent protection since 1897, when we donated to the County of Orange the 160-acre oak grove that later became Irvine Regional Park. Since then, we’ve turned over 57,500 acres — more than half of the historic Irvine Ranch — to public agencies, to be conserved forever. Today, that land, which stretches from the Santa Ana Mountains to the Pacific Coast, looks much like it did in the 1800s, with its rare oak woodlands, remote canyons and pristine mountain watersheds gloriously intact. 

Our conservation ethos is embedded in the Master Plan, which promised that Irvine would be a place “where both people and nature will thrive.” 

The same sensibility informs our management of land, water, and energy resources in Irvine and beyond. We maintain the world’s largest fleet of battery-powered office buildings, as well as the largest collection of LEED© and ENERGY STAR©-certified office buildings in California. We’ve also helped to create and expand America’s first municipal-scale recycled water system.