Touring the Jeffrey Open Space Trail

April 6th 2023

As part of its ongoing Community Relations activities, Irvine Company hosted a tour of the Jeffrey Open Space Trail on a recent Saturday morning. 

This popular trail is a part of Irvine’s open space that should not be missed! The Jeffrey Open Space Trail (JOST) spans 2.5 miles of uninterrupted meadows, woodlands and pathways in the heart of the city. Along the route, art installations trace 500 years of local history, from the first Spanish explorers to the growth of The Irvine Ranch, to Irvine’s Master Plan and open space dedications.

Woodbridge resident Jing Li said after the tour, “Knowing a little more about the work and details that went into the design of the Jeffrey Open Space Trail makes me appreciate the open space even more.”

The tours are led by Richard Roy, one of the original designers of the trail, who shares behind-the-scenes insights about how the parks, trails and preserved open space came to be. 

“JOST represents the key principle of the Master Plan,” said Roy. “All compatible land uses should be interconnected by open space in the form of native lands, parks, trails and paseos.” 

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Former Irvine Company Planner Richard Roy shares the design elements of the Jeffrey Open Space Trail.