Oasis in Irvine: Promenade at Irvine Spectrum redefines apartment living

October 24th 2023

Residents from Promenade Apartments at Irvine Spectrum are quick to share just how much they love living in this special community. Beyond its excellent location with close access to premium shopping, residents also relish in Promenade’s beautiful scenery and tranquil environment that brings a whole new meaning to apartment living. Residents Evan and Brittney Dorian elaborate on why they choose to call Promenade home. 

How would you describe the beauty of your community in terms of landscaping, trees, entry monuments and how it was designed to connect with other nearby amenities?

Our community is beautifully maintained. Everyday truly feels like we are living at a 5-star resort. The streets and sidewalks are lined with elegant olive trees, giving the neighborhood a Tuscan feel. Everything is beautifully maintained and manicured. The complex is large, but feels homey and the amenities, specifically the pool, cafe and gym, are not only state of the art, but also create community. The pathways to the pool, gym and cafe are beautifully done with flowers, vines and archways to boot. We love the water fountain in the middle of it all, it adds a nice touch and tends to be a gathering place for the residents. The chairs, both at the pool and outside of it, are luxurious and comfy, great to relax in and enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine from the very conveniently located cafe. 

How does the beauty of the community add to your quality of life? How does it make you feel?

The beauty of the community adds tremendously to our quality of life. Going for a walk around the block after a long day of work, or relaxing at the pool always puts us in the best mood. We are firm believers in quality of life and how beauty, cleanliness and organization play a major role in it, and the Promenade embodies it all. 

What are your favorite amenities? What do you enjoy about them?

We love the gym, the pool and the cafe. The gym has state of the art equipment, is always clean, and is never too crowded. You don’t need to pay for any other gym memberships, which is a definite perk. We also love swimming and relaxing at the beautifully maintained pool. And of course we adore the cafe for its convenience, good coffee, food and wine at a great price. It also serves as a place to just hang out or an environment to work in. 

How does your community compare with those in other cities?

Personally we think our community far surpasses other communities. We think it offers much more amenities and grounds than most other apartment complexes. Also the inside of our actual units are much more modern and up to date in comparison to many other communities we have been in. 

How does Irvine’s beauty and design compare with other cities?

We love Irvine! It’s clean, safe and offers a lot of restaurants, shopping and things to do. I would say our complex, in comparison to others, is nestled in a much more neighborhood type area. Unlike many communities we aren’t surrounded by pavement and buildings. There are many parks and nature around us, which we absolutely adore.