OluKai opens first store on mainland

OluKai, the Hawai’i-inspired premium footwear brand, has opened its first mainland storefront at Irvine Spectrum Center. The high-performing national retailer encourages everyone to “Live Aloha” with products featuring thoughtful design and handcrafted details inspired by the ocean lifestyle. 

Each OluKai store tells a different story, pulling inspiration from the local community – and Irvine is no exception. The expansive 1,600-square-foot store represents OluKai’s “Anywhere Aloha” mission tied to the idea of Laulima, meaning many hands working together – a nod to the deep-rooted farming heritage in Orange County. 

The store design resembles that of a canoe hale (house) – typically an A-frame shelter on the beach – further establishing the connection of Hawai’i’s fishing community to Irvine’s historic farming community.