A Balanced Approach to Building Communities

Starting with University Park in the 1960s and continuing with our newest neighborhoods in Portola Springs and Orchard Hills, we’ve built Irvine’s villages as complete communities, with parks, schools and shopping centers nearby. This design fosters a sense of belonging while ensuring that every resident has access to essential services within a short walk or bike ride. 

Irvine’s Master Plan also provides a carefully managed balance of housing types, including village homes and apartment communities. Over the years, we’ve partnered with the city and nonprofits to create thousands of affordably priced residences that also help ensure that essential workers, including police, firefighters, teachers and nurses, can live near their jobs.  

“Different buildings, different people,” wrote the authors of Irvine’s blueprint. “That is the thought behind the variety of design that will be found in the city of Irvine’s residential neighborhoods.”