The Plan Behind America’s Safest City 

For 17 years running, Irvine has earned the distinction of the safest U.S. city of its size, based on FBI Uniform Crime Reporting statistics from 18,000 jurisdictions. 

More than half a century ago, Irvine’s Master Plan established balanced commercial centers that today annually generate tens of millions of dollars for the city’s world-class police department and other essential city services. Public safety is also enhanced by well-lit streets and residential neighborhoods placed away from major thoroughfares.  

Irvine’s well-planned and abundant green spaces, parks and community centers also help deter crime, according to experts. It’s all part of a foundation set decades ago by planners who recognized the key role of public safety in their vision of a “model city.”

The partnership between the community and public safety officers helps create safe environments for Irvine residents.

“We can all be proud of our public-safety record,” says Irvine Police Chief Michael Kent. “That includes the men and women of the Irvine Police Department, the city’s leadership, which consistently makes public safety a priority, and the residents and businesses in our community who are truly committed to working in partnership with us to keep Irvine safe.”