The ‘We Story’ of Irvine Education

“It has always been a ‘we’ story for Irvine Unified,” says Superintendent Terry Walker, “and it always will be.” The “we” Walker is referring to entails an ecosystem of support – from the business community, parents, teachers and nonprofits – that enriches student education.

IUSD: The dedicated teachers, staff, administrators and school board are on the front lines educating, inspiring and mentoring students in Irvine.

Irvine Company: Highly specialized art, music and science programs funded in large part by a 20-year, $45 million contribution from Irvine Company support the teachers needed to inspire young artists and scientists.

IPSF: The Irvine Public Schools Foundation provides scholarships, teachers’ grants and summer enrichment programs. It also sponsors the Irvine CubeSat STEM program, which has seen Irvine high school students launch two satellites into space.

City of Irvine: Few cities help fund local school costs. But the city of Irvine is the rare exception. Each year, the city contributes millions to educational experiences, recreation and student safety.

PTA: The Irvine PTA is the glue that binds the schools together. Of course, it helps fund critical supplies and technology programs. But it also builds character and community by funding and organizing school assemblies, book fairs, art showcases and spelling bees.