New Creative Campus Creates Gaming Ecosystem

Startup tech firm Frost Giant was among the first to move into one of Irvine Company’s newest office campuses, Innovation Office Park.

“We really wanted to find a space that matched the creative sensibilities that we have as a team,” says Tim Morten, Frost Giant’s founding CEO. “Irvine Company’s Innovation Office Park wound up being the perfect combination of style and also amenities…it’s perfect.”

Soon after came Sega (creator of the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog game), as well as Twitch, Postcard Game Studios and Notorious Studios – all part of the $150 billion gaming industry that’s burgeoning here in Irvine. 

The trend of creative companies coming to Innovation Office Park isn’t by accident. The 1.1 million-square-foot campus is designed for innovators and includes unique features like rollup doors, indoor/outdoor workspace and a central pathline.

“We’ve got these amazing roll-up doors,” Cara LaForge, Frost Giant’s business operations lead, says. “The sunshine pours through one end of the building with the breeze blowing in. It allows us to work with one another so much easier.”

Learn more about Innovation Office Park’s construction.