The Framework for an Innovation Economy

Irvine’s business districts bring high-quality jobs for Irvine residents. In fact, the city boasts a near-perfect 1:1 jobs-to-residents ratio because businesses are attracted to Irvine’s educated workforce and high-quality office space. Over the years, about one-third of all Fortune 500 companies have set up shop in our flourishing business districts.  

The Irvine Master Plan provided a blueprint for this strong and balanced local economy, with a sustainably high quality of life.  

The local industries and retail centers not only provide high-paying jobs, they help create a strong tax base to maintain roads and parks and provide stable budgets for Irvine’s police.  As a result, Irvine’s consistently high quality of life, including safe streets, short commutes and high-quality public schools, help keep talent local. 

Offices and amenities at Innovation Office Park open up to the outside to create the first open-air office village.

Over the years, companies whose leaders recognize Irvine’s strengths have set up shop in our flourishing business districts. Our Irvine Spectrum District is a special showcase of the city’s advantages, combining  apartment homes, shopping and Class A office space. Local architect Alan Hess calls the live-work-play center “Irvine’s 21st century update of the traditional downtown.”

In Spectrum and in our other local jobs hubs, including UCI Research Park and the Jamboree Center just east of John Wayne Airport, employers appreciate yet another contributor to Irvine’s success in wooing high-quality jobs: Our state-of-the-art office buildings, with indoor-outdoor work spaces, on-site gyms and high-quality restaurants, are ready to meet today’s “flight to quality” by businesses vying for on-site workers.

“For decades now, Irvine has been creating the future,” says UC Irvine professor and IBM Master Inventor Neil Sahota. “By constantly looking ahead, its planners have done all the right things to guarantee a strong economy for many years to come.”